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Class Descriptions

Primary Courses

BLS / Healthcare training – This course is for the health care provider, first responder, or other professional rescuer who responds to emergencies. It is an ASHI approved course and meets AHA guidelines.

CPR/First Aid for Schools & Daycares – Training for schools, childcare, sports coaches, and others who are required to learn how to respond to medical emergencies involving children. All age inclusive.

CPR/First Aid & AED in the workplace – This course targets the occupational first aid provider. It will help employers meet OSHA and other federal and state requirements for training employees in how to care for medical emergencies in the workplace.


Supplementary / Additional Courses

Bloodborne Pathogens – This training is to help students identify infectious materials and to reduce or avoid accidental exposure. Intended to meet OSHA training regulations.

HazCom / MSDS - Designed to ensure that all employees are aware of the hazards that chemicals in the workplace pose to health & safety and proper safeguards necessary.

Emergency Oxygen – Shock occurs when the body loses its ability to process oxygen. Oxygen is necessary to sustain life and is an important component in emergency care. This supplemental training is to help students with the skills and knowledge necessary in providing emergency oxygen.


Contact us for other OSHA topics such as; Asbestos Awareness, Respiratory Protection, PPE, etc. We have OSHA trained instructors for 10 & 30 hour General Industry as well.



Did you know that you might be eligible for insurance premium discounts on your company for training your staff?




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